Silks Drops and Descents Workshop w/ Avery Cherie

Silks Drops and Descents Workshop w/ Avery Cherie


Silks Drops and Descents- Friday, July 19, 2019 5:00-7:00pm

If you love unrolling, twirling and top-to-bottom fun, then this is the class for you. We’ll explore drop theory, and talk through the differences in types of locks, open drops, and controlled descents. We’ll go through some classics and some new and more unusual skills. Make sure that you wear clothes that will cover your waist and the backs of your knees!

Bio: Avery Cherie began her circus career at the age of 11 at Circus Juventas in Minnesota, though her performance career began much earlier. Avery has been a performer as long as she has been able to understand what a stage was. At the age of 16, Cirque Du Soleil proved a life-affirming experience and she decided to pursue circus professionally. Since the beginning of her experience, she has had the opportunity to train under and alongside renowned coaches and performers from around the world. These people and their incredible cross-cultural experience made Avery into the versatile, experienced performer she is today. With training in everything from Chinese fan dance to physical comedy to aerial cube and nearly everything in between, Avery is a jack-of-all-spins artist who brings personalized and professional acts to each and every performance.

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